Sandton Diabetes Centre



Sandton Diabetes Centre has been running for over 10 years. It was previously run by Dr. Danie Jacobs who at the end of 2010 retired from medicine. He passed over his practice to Dr. Richard Eastman who has since taken over the treatment of all his patients. Dr. Eastman has grown the number of patients on the Diabetic side and many patients are referred by the CDE or have contacted the Practice through personal referrals or through our website.

The Sandton Diabetes Centre is an authorized CDE Centre (Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology). All patients on the program receive their treatment, blood tests, specialist referrals, doctor visits and diabetes counseling and education from the centre. All patients receive constant medical and emotional support to deal with their chronic illness on a day to day basis.

For more information please contact us or make an appointment to meet with Dr. Eastman to discuss further on 011 883 5012/5040 or e-mail