Our Services



The Practice is not contracted to medical aids and you will have to settle your account after the consultation. The invoice can then be sent to your medical aid who will reimburse you accordingly depending on your plan.


Our service include, but are not limited to:

    • GP Consultations for all Family Members
    • Pediatric Consultations and referrals 
    • General Gynae checkups and referrals
    • BP (Hypertension) diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment.
    • Asthma diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment
    • Diabetes diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment
    • Acute Medical Conditions: Flu, Upper and lower respiratory tract infections, Urinary tract infections, Bowel infections, Sexually Transmitted Infections,
    • Removal of skin tags and warts using cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen)
    • ECG’s
    • Chronic Medical Certificates
    • Immigration Medicals
    • Full Medical Examinations and Certificates
    • Aviation Medicals
    • Flu Vaccinations
    • Intravenous Rehydration and treatments (Drips)
    • Taking out of all stitches
    • Specialist Referrals
    • Aesthetic Consultations and Advice
    • Administering of Botox and Fillers